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Highlights of Game 1

Post By Lady Nia on 29-Jul-2007
The Setting - Crusadia's Summer Bazaar

The Summer Bazaar was in full swing.

It was just before sunset, and air was slowly cooling off. Few noticed the heat, however, as, by this time of day, most everyone had enjoyed enough fine ale and Crusadian whiskey to feel immune to the elements.

As it was every year, the Bazaar was full of diversions. There were many vendors from many lands selling exotic things. There were bards from far away places, singing songs both inspiring and ribald. There were jugglers and other street performers. And the air was filled withwith talk and laughter.

In every corner, joy and entertainment could be found.

The Characters Involved

Darcy Muldoc was thankful for a break from her usual chores, and very grateful that her employers had given her the day off. She wandered the streets with a smile on her face, thrilled by the strange scents, sights and sheer excitement in the air. From time to time she would pause to pet one of the stray animals wandering the streets or to feed them a tidbit of mutton she had purchased from a vendor.

Dolan set up his easle between a fruit stand and a juggler, in the hopes that one of the wealthy individuals who paused to purchase either would take a liking to his artistic skill and hire Dolan to do a portrait for their home. He especially hoped to get in the good graces of the noble class, and to try to ensure that, had spent almost his last penny on rather expensive clothing so that he might be more appealing to the upper class.

Locke, a knight returning from the war, felt as if he had been gone too long. This was the first Bazaar he�d been able to attend in five years.

He, like many other knights, had been stationed in far away Adrianople, as a part of the contingent of knights that occupied those desert lands, maintaining peace in the volatile region.

He had not been happy at the king�s treaty with Sulieman. He had lost many men fighting in the numerous wars with the Butcher. But everyone in Crusadia knew someone who had died in those wars. And truth be told, the peace forged had allowed Locke to come home.

And so it was, feeling a tinge of bitterness, that Locke had returned home. He was enjoying an ale, and listening to the sounds around him. It was good to be home, all in all.

Treylach, squire and apprentice to Lord Donovan, walked along the vine-bordered trail,knowing all too well his decision to find his master was an ill-concieved one. In which direction, into what realm, over what hill, he knew not only that he was 'called', a summons he could not comprehend to join Sir Donovan, to stand with his master against some unknown enemy...so he walked onward,alone.

The Wine Merchant D'Saviolle was Looking to find a foothold for his business. It had been rumored in his land that the Summer Bizarre was indeed an event to behold. It had also been rumored that a person could find a few riches in the land known as Crusadia. Thus, he hastened through these streets in search of a vendor who not buying now, would take orders on his full casks of luscious wines.

Sorcha strolled down the street, and her escorts hardly noted when the young woman wandered a bit out of range of her protectors. This was, after all, King Alexander's city. No harm befell those who traveled the king's road of Crusadia.

As she passed the gentleman in chainmail, she bowed her head gently in his direction, blushing deeply, then scurrying on. It would not be good to develop an overly flirtateous reputation after all.

Kurt Fyremane let out an enormous belch.

As could be expected of the enormous knight, he was well and truly drunk. Kurt Fyremane was a man of enormous stature, and even greater appetite. There was never enough whiskey, never enough food, and never enough women to fill his appetite.

And aside from the glory of battle, Kurt loved nothing more than the Bazaar.

Here, he could indulge himself. And indulge he did. He went from booth to booth, eating and drinking whatever caught his eye. Most everyone knew Kurt, and he was friendly with nearly everyone, even complete strangers.

As he wandered about, swaying drunkenly, he stopped in front of a both, and shot a wink to Darcy.

�Ah, a fine evening,� he said to no one in particular.

�All we need is dancing girls, yes?� Again, his drunken suggestion was spoken to no one in particular. But his loud voice would ensure many heard it.

Coryn Hawksbridge was, as usual, alone.

The festivities never quite touched his melancholy heart. But the Bazaar offered a bit of relief from that. The influx of foreigners meant that there were many here who did not know of his heritage, who did not know that he came from a cursed house.

As he walked alone, he stopped before D'Saviolle.

�Wine?� He said, inspecting the bottles.

�Are these good vintages?�

LaShawna Lee Dennon slid up along side one of the men who had paused to watch a fire-eater. She was about to lift the man's coin purse when she heard a loud belch nearby. Spinning, she turned, and noticed a man that most of the city knew well, staggering down the street. He seemed to have his attention on the ladies, and that didn't exactly bode well for her, given that she really did not want the King's best friend to see her filching purses.

Ducking, she moved deeper into the crowd, looking for targets further away from Lord Fyremane.

Anna of the Sword sits on her embroideried stool, her feet tucked in under her black skirts, as she leans against the railing of the window. She opens the wooden shutter a bit wider, all the better to get a view of the crowds swirling about in the marketplace below her balcony. She smiles to herself, as she looks about for anyone she knows . . or decides she would want to know.

The smile ends up as a small smirk as the obviously drunken voice floats up from the stalls below her window. Dancing girls . .well, the fellow had come to the right place.

Bartholemew leaned against a tree, a half-empty tankard in his hand, as he glowered at the crowd. He had yet to be granted a meeting with the king, told by everyone that he would have to approach the throne, and given Bart's business, he had no intention of conducting it inside a throne room.

He had to find some way to talk Goldenshield into meeting him on neutral ground. Ground where he couldn't order Bart's execution, and carry it out, all in one fell swoop, should he not like what Bart had to say.

It never occurred to Bart that he might actually die if he fought anyone. He's never lost yet.

Lord Alexander Goldenshield, the Lion of Crusadia, the king, was attempting to maintain a low profile. To that end, he dressed in well made, but ordinary clothes. He did not wear any outward signs of his office, aside from the twin swords that rested on either hip. Many would doubtless recognize him regardless, but Alexander did not wish to be the center of attention.

Kurt Fyremane was better at such things.

He did, however, spy a very familiar face, and he called out to her.

�La Shawna!� He made sure his voice was very loud, and that the person she was sneaking up behind turned his head to look.

�How good to see you!� He offered her a grin, knowing full well he�d ruined her attempt at thievery.

Nia Goldenshield, the bladesinger, and the wife of Alexander Goldenshield, hearing a shouted greeting from an old friend, and not wanting to be mobbed by attendants to the bazaar ducked back into the protection of the tree she had just been about to slip out from behind. It was only after she saw her spouse swallowed by the mob that she stepped out again, and found herself right in the path of a rather angry, and she sensed, frightened man.

Tarlach, the cleric, moved from booth to booth searching for just the right herbs to complete his work. "Yes, yes, this will work. This will work well," he muttered over a display of toadstools.

Orleon Templeton, tall, muscular, in a dark Victorian suit, with a purple marbled vest, a large cape of purple trimmed in yellow envelopes him, moving as if protecting him. A staff in his hand, eyes closed goatee and black hair streaked upon the sides. He trembles and rises from the floor, looking about. He is a human and stands before you at a full six feet in height, treating you as an old friend would. Looking about in obvious confusion, his cloak moving about him, adjusting his movements almost before he makes them he mutters, "Hmm level of advancement similiar to my own in Rivermoon." Accenting what he says with jotting notes down in a small book.

Cantara watched from the shadows of a doorway. So this was Crusadia. Apparently her sources had been correct. Among all the booths and closed shops she did not see the usual sellers of magical goods. Despite the neighboring elves and dwarves, it appeared Crusadia had managed to remain virtually .. innocent.

She would have to remedy that.

The Killer, somewhere amidst the crowd, watched, just waiting for the right moment.

Kylasael Riverblade appeared out of nowhere, well, actually, out of a tree. Her eyes were angry as she glared at the young man resting under the oak.

"You. Human. Call yourself friend or foe?"

Hadryn Wyldfyre had finally convinced the beauty to come into the alley with him. He had been working on this one all night. And now, he was about to get a taste of the beauty.

Until, Squire Treyarch interrupted him.

"What?" He said, turning to the man. The girl blushed furiously, and now, Hadryn knew he would never have her.

Yvonne watched from the shadows, wishing the sun would set.

The Events Leading up the murder gave no warning of the murder that was to come. Each person went about their business in a normal fasion.

Anna the Sword hired the artist Dolan to do her portrait. Rude, arrogant, she was clearly not going to be a pleasure to work with or for, but she offered Dolan a room in her fine house, and a good wage to complete the portrait.

Coryn and D'Saviolle worked out a deal for wine.

The queen and Bartholemew exchanged heated words beneath a tree.

LaShawna, more than a mere thief, slipped a bit of informatino she had gathered to the King.

Kurt Fyremane frighted away the tall stranger, Orleon Templeton, who had terrified Sorcha so by materializing right before her very eyes.

Darcy and Tarlach had tried to help the young Squire find information about his missing lord, but could do little more than point the poor boy on the northern paths, so they'd separated.

One by one the celebrants had wandered off. Scattered. Their whereabouts not clear. Some were in buildings, some in the alley, some in the woods, some wandered the roads, some hid behind booths or in doorways, some simply seemed to have vanished..........

The First Murder

Realizing that Lord Fyremane was a bit into his cups, Sorcha decided it would be wise to find her escorts who she had earlier tried to shake. Wandering the street, searching for their familiar faces, turning one way and then another as she thought she spotted one of them, she somehow takes a wrong turn.

"Are you lost?" The voice comes from behind Sorcha. It is a friendly face, accompanied by a friendlier voice.

Sorcha gave a slight yelp and a little hop, then a smile. "Oh my! You took me quite by surprise! I am so glad it is you! Would you be so kind as to help me find my escorts?"

"I would be happy to," he says, politely inclining his head. "They are just this way," he waved his hand for her to walk in front of him, as he fell into step behind her.

His hand fell to his side, and gripped the handle of the dagger on his hip.

Content that she was in safe hands, Sorcha blushed and tried her best to remember all the things her mother had taught her about conversing with men in public places. She was especially appreciative that this man was a gentleman who knew to follow behind, lest anyone thing something improper was going on.

"I cannot thank you enough." She smiled as she chatted. "Did you see the beautiful flags when the king's guard rode in?"

�Oh yes, they were beautiful,� he said in agreement.

The words he spoke covered the sound of his dagger as it was pulled from its sheathe. And then, he was behind her. He clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle a scream, and faster than she could react, his dagger slid into her back. He stabbed upwards, piercing her lungs, and then her heart.

It was a quick, expert kill. He was, after all, trained to end lives.

He let the body fall, and was about to do more, when he heard the sound of a loud man entering the alley.

Quickly, he dropped the dagger, and melted into the shadows. Vanishing.

She never sensed the danger. Not until she felt the hand over her mouth, felt the knife digging into her flesh. The horror of it all was surpassed only by the shock of it all. Coherent thought didn't come through the waves of fear. As she slumped to the ground the last word she whispered was "Papa".

Realizing he had lost track of the girl, Kurt stumbled drunkenly into the alley.

"Girl?" He called.

He heard the sound of something being dropped, and then heard the sound of someone running off. Sobering a bit, Kurt moved towards the source of the noise.

Finding the young girl laying in the alley, Kurt gingerly scooped her into his arms, and made his way back toward the crowded streets shouting out, "Murder! Someone's done murder!"

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Need Homepage Space?

Post By Lady Nia on 19-Jul-2007
Talk to Dave or Sky or drop a line to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com or oracle@fateslabyrinth.net .

King's Road Killer

Post By Lady Nia on 19-Jul-2007
Game Begins in the room CRUSADIA on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 6 PM Central Standard Time.

(That is 4 PM Pacific, 5 PM Mountain, 6 PM Central, 7 PM Eastern, Midnight Greenwich Time.)

You do not have to be present for the beginning of the game to participate. The game is built so you can play over several days without having moderators present.

If you want to participate you need to create puppets that fit into either Crusadia or Nia's Tavern (medieval fantasy).

This game is freeform unless a dice role is really needed to settle a dispute.

Character's are roughly based on AD&D character classes.

If you are willing to allow your character to "die" (assuming the attacker plays it right), go into your character editor and in the "Tag line" section put in "Live or Let Die." This will signify that you are willing to let that character die if the game goes that way.

If you do not enter this in the tag line we will assume your character will not die.

Characters killed in the game can be raised from the dead later via various means such as entering a quest to the afterlife realms to bring them back, finding a cleric or necromancer to bring them back or saying that the gods sent them back (you must play them weaker or sicker for a bit if that happens). Of course you could also turn them into a ghost or something.

You can play anyone of any skill level, class, race or alignment that fits into the general setting of Crusadia (and Nia's Tavern.)

In the beginning, your characters will just be "normal". The killer will choose his victims. Just because you are NOT marked to die does NOT mean you won't be attacked. It just means that if you are a ttacked you'll be left for dead, instead of left dead.

Those attacked who survive will not be able to totally identify the killer, but will have "bits and pieces" of memory to contribute to tracking down the killer.

Eventually we anticipate you being able to play to the following situations:

* Rumor mongors who complicate catching the killer by spreading false information that confuses authorities. Either intentionally or by accident.

* Clerics working to heal the people who are injured, but survive.

* Clerics or necromancers raising victims from the dead. (Note, you should use this to build a story of your own. Make someone quest to get their loved one back or something like that.)

* Vigilante's. (You could create all kinds of havoc, and get yourself in all kinds of trouble.)

* Someone who is paranoid, afraid to go out in the streets.

* Heros

* Copy cat killers or thieves using people's fear to feed your own needs. Like offering to escort someone and then robbing them.

* Disgruntled citizens who stir up the crowd to demand better protection from the king and the king's guard.

If you want to be part of the king's guard you MUST, absolutely MUST have permission from Alexander Goldenshield first, but you can ALWAYS play someone who approached Alex TRYING to be part of his guard.

* A merchant looking to make a killing by selling something you claim will make people safer.

Etc., etc., etc.

Let your imaginations go wild.

The purpose of this game is really to let players and site members get to know one another.

There WILL be scheduled games, but you will NOT be limited to those. This game is set up so you can play your subplots without us around.

Updates to the main games will be posted in the Crusadia Forum.

Keep up to date via live-journal also.

If you can't make the first game, don't worry, you can enter this game anytime you want.

First official game is at 6 PM Central, Tuesday, July 24th.

For questions - write [Email] or look for fateslabyrinth community over at live journal and post your questions there.

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Warm Welcomes to....

Post By Lady Nia on 17-Jul-2007
Warmest welcomes to Deoghreine and Jaydee.

Welcome to Fate's Labyrinth.

Be sure to check out the Visitor Center forums to tell us a little about yourself and when you can play.

Welcome Ydrian and Llwch

Post By Lady Nia on 15-Jul-2007
We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Be sure to check out the Forums to tell us a bit about yourself or your c's, and join our live journal community. (Fateslabyrinth).

Happy Gaming

Post By Lady Nia on 15-Jul-2007
Another warm welcome to Llwch!
Happy gaming.
Be sure to check out the various forums, and tell us something about yourself.

Looking for even more information?

Post By Lady Nia on 12-Jul-2007
Step into a room and use the scroll back feature to read previous postings, and be sure to check out forums, home pages and room doorways.

Building a Community

Post By Lady Nia on 12-Jul-2007
In order to help us all get a little better acquainted, I have started a thread on the Nia's Tavern board called "Introductions".

Please stop by and tells us a little about yourself or about your main character if you prefer. If you have favorite time to play, tell us when that is.

For those of you who can't find a game, write [Email] and tell us when you tend to play and we'll see what we can arrange.
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Some tips that you might find helpful

Post By Lady Nia on 10-Jul-2007
Character Handles, Login's, etc.: At Fate's Labyrinth you only have to remember one "login" name. From there you create "puppets" that handle all your character handles, their images, their taglines, etc., from a drop down menu associated with your login name. This allows you more freedom to play multiple characters without having to login every time you want to use a new character. Currently we have 3 rooms open. We are working on more. If your genre is not represented yet, or if you want to open your own room, write to oracle@fateslabyrinth.net . When you login you'll be at what we call the gate. Check for internal messages, news and updates or the site forums there. If you have a forum idea that isn't offered, write the oracle. From the gate you should see a "select a puppet option" with your name, and a button called edit. Click on "edit" to add features to your characters or to create new characters. If you double click on the name of a room you will get a brief description of the room. Next to every room name are three columns. One is the homepage of the room, one is the forum of the room, one is the number of users currently in the room. If you want to play in a private room, just put a room name in the box next to private realm. If you want to make a password protected private room that is not a hybrid room, you put in the room name with @ password. Like john@mysecret Room is john, mysecret is the password. Warning - private rooms created straight at the gate are different from what is called a hybrid room. Private rooms created at the gate are purged and do not last.


Post By Lady Nia on 24-Jun-2007
Welcome to Fates Labyrinth Maia!

To say we are glad you could join us in an understatement.


Our community is already growing

Post By Lady Nia on 23-Jun-2007
We dub Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 as the official opening day of Fate's Labyrinth.

Drassiniyan may be familiar to players who have migrated here from other sites as it was a popular site in by-gone days at an site we will not mention here. Moved here by its original creator.

Drassiyian is a dark continent, ruled by the forces of evil, where every day is a struggle for survival.

Nia's Tavern may also be familiar to players who have migrated from other sites, and was also moved here by its original creator.

Locked on the border where evil and good run head-long into one another, Nia's is a place for adventure and friendship.

The Lost Rune Library is our newest room. It is a sanctuary of forgotten knowledge, in the most unexpected place.

We encourage all players to visit all three rooms.

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