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Scheduled Game - Journey to Kylock- Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post By Lady Nia on 09-Jul-2008
The next officially scheduled Journey to Kylock Game is Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 6:30 Central Standard Time. (Apologies to those of you who got the email with the wrong time. A correction was sent). Remember: You do not have to limit these games to scheduled games. Scheduled games are only to provide us a better chance of getting primary characters together. You do not have to play a character who cares about the chest. You can be an innocent bystander or just some character interacting with other characters who are after the chest.
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Welcome home Everett!

Post By Lady Nia on 07-Jul-2008
Nia's MSN is nuianna@hotmail.com. Big game on Tuesday. Our tribute to Ev came from here. We've removed the embedded video and put in a link to ease the server load.

Welcome Sparkie602

Post By Lady Nia on 07-Jul-2008
We hope you enjoy your stay at Fate's Labyrinth! If you need anything contact the Fates at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com or look for Nia on her MSN at nuianna@hotmail.com Come on Come in! Welcome Sparkie602


Post By Lady Nia on 06-Jul-2008
Good morning everyone!
    Arcade page
has been updated. New fun includes "The Enterprise vs the Death Star," "Advice to Dark Lords," and quotes from Veronica Mars, and Buffy and Angel.
    Kylock Game Page
has also been updated. Check it out for Information and game updates. Updates are at the bottom of the screen. Site Updates.: As of this morning we had 2,731 registered characters. Happy July 4th Everyone!!!! Nia will not be around today. She is going to party!

Welcome Novesalik!! And update on Journey to Kylock.

Post By Lady Nia on 04-Jul-2008
First things first: Welcome Novesalik!!! We hope you enjoy your stay at Fate's Labyrinth. Scroll on down for a proper welcome! For those looking for information the quest, visit the Kylock Game Page. (Video removed to reduce server load.)
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Journey to Kylock Starts Tonight! Thank you everyone who played last night!

Post By Lady Nia on 03-Jul-2008
Yes, the Journey to Kylock begins tonight at Nia's Tavern at 6:30 Central Standard time. I'll try to get some general information pages up before the game. Special thanks to everyone who showed up at Nia's last night! Whether you played or just dropped in to visit OOC, it was a blast, and the room was overflowing with users, (positively drowning in characters). If you're wondering when we were around, it started about 8 PM CST and ran until almost 1 AM CST. It looks like Affinity was busy as well last night, beginning around 11 PM CST and running until almost 1 A.M. CST. Way to go Affinityians! Affinityites? For you lurkers..... and drive by peekers - we had a twice as many hits on the site last night as we did posts. That is a LOT of drive by wonders folks because were were busy last night! PLEASE post a "peek" or "hello" when you peek. You've got to the trouble of logging in, and hitting an entrance key or the system wouldn't pick you up. Just one more "click" and your friends will discover you're there. Polite players are trying not to intrude on games in progress, and I respect that, but a lot of players won't know you're on the site unless you post something, so, if nothing else, go to a room, hit pm, and send a global, "I'm in the building" pm. : ) Enigma is looking for people interested in a new style of game. "The Pleiadians" are humanoids from another place (the galaxy of Pleiade), and another time. Pleiade is 10 light years from the Milky Way. Pleiadians have a much higher rate of being born blind, mute, quadriplegic, etc.. In exchange for these physical limitations, they are much more attuned to the supernatural. Using meditation and spiritual practices they tap into and sometimes control many innate abilities and powers such as teleportation, control of the elements, etc. Some Pleiadians have an inner being which, by unlocking, they control a deeper force which brings them to a greater force, which makes them cosmic ambassadors known as the Celestial Stars. They can die physically, but within 2 - 3 weeks they can weild another body. Enigma writes, "The mood of my muse is mainly of power unleashing, which usually involves battles or other situations in which a major force of power is needed. This muse is not used to overpower any other C, just to make them feel needed in the 'verse with their esoteric powers. This Cs are not meant for any multiplayer battles, only for one 'attack and vaporize' session (or major healing sessions). Although general conversation is possible, it is very limited, for Pleiadians are not too much of talkers. Especially if some of them cannot talk. If you are interested in giving Enigma's RPG a shot, look for Enigma on line or email fateslabyrith@gmail.com and we will forward your notes to Enigma. I believe Enigma and Rootcore were talking about trying the game out in Goondocks at first. If it catches on and takes off, we may open a realm for it.
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Welcome Multipain

Post By Lady Nia on 02-Jul-2008
If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome Steeve149, Vertix, and Rale. Quest & General Reports

Post By Lady Nia on 02-Jul-2008
Welcome to our newest members!We hope that you enjoy your time at the site! Make yourself right at home! If we can help in anyway, just write us at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com strong>QUEST BEGINS TOMORROW @ 6:30 PM Central Standard Time! Scroll down in this blog to find out more information about the quest. Site Stats: Since this same time last week we have had an overall gain of 12 players to the site. (Overall gain = Player count as of 6/24/08 Minus Players who expired for not signing in Plus New Players). Reminders: Please Remember- A zero on the door doesn't necessarily mean the room is empty. I've had some of our newer members tell me the site was totally dead when in fact there were games going on at the same time they were on the site. This is caused by depending too much on the door attendance lists, people lurking without posting, and people waiting so long between posts that the door drops them on the who is on list. (The busier a room is, the more likely it may be that the first person to post vanishes from the list, as they are waiting for person 7 to post before posting again.) The site updates the door and the "who is on" based on posts. If you are lurking in a room and don't post for awhile, the door will show others that you aren't there. Often in games where people write long posts the door shows rooms as empty when they are active. If you are a regular site member or an otherwise experienced roleplayer please keep up your who's on and refresh it frequently. If you notice a lurker, send them a PM or an ooc greeting in the rooms. The door also may show people in the room who have already left. I urge players to post some kind of "exit" when they leave the site. (I'm trying to do that myself.) Either "IC" have your character leave, or drop an (OC) note like, "AFK' or "BRB" or "Have to go." That way if people scroll back, they'll be able to see whether you are going for a cup of coffee or gone for the night. Nia's MSN is nuianna@hotmail.com If you want a game and cannot find one, please feel free to look for her on MSN. The site email is fateslabyrinth@gmail.com If you need your webspace activated, your age verified so you can access restricted rooms, etc., please email us. Scroll through the blogs for more information about the site. Make use of the forums.

General Info

Post By Lady Nia on 01-Jul-2008
Someone said they wished they didn't have to register and login to see what we offer, so I'll share the "inner secrets". Inside we have a room called The Visitor Center - Visitor Center - General: (PG) An out-of-character site lounge for players to get to know one another or to find games. Think of it as an old fashioned chat room, or an out of character area. Its a place to wait for your friends to get together. We have "The Lost Rune." - A General: Adult: realm. Listed as IC Only. The description reads, "First one in posts a startign gambit. ANy adult is welcome to play that theme. It is a pickup game, there is no back story except what you see. Dive in and play. We have Nia's Tavern - Fantasy Between Crusadia and the untamed lands, where the roads of the labyrinth converge, lies Nia`s Tavern. Villains and heros, kings and peasants, humans and monsters all find their way to Nia`s. Freeform, fantasy realm, roughly based on TSR`s AD&D. We have Goondocks - Modern: Goondocks - Modern: (18+) To paraphrase Dr. Frank-N-Furter, "Don`t dream it..be it." Wanna know more? Then take a peek inside my multi-genre RP room..if you dare For Star Wars fans we offer Entralla - Entralla - Star Wars: (PG) Entralla is home to rebels and imperialists alike. Headquarters for the Guild of Interstellar Merchants, and for the Red Moons Resistance, the Capital City Nexus also boasts the Lunar Night Casino and Race Track. Smugglars and merchants, imperial ... Drassiniyan is another fantasy setting that bills itself as "A world where the only help a man has is his own wit and his own brawn." Our newest room is Darastric Knight Empire: It is a fantasy room for 14 years of age and older. The Homeland of the dark armies of Takhisis, its majestic cities and vast plains are home to a variety of races, creatures, and the sinister evil that marks this region. Crusadia is carried over from the original WBS (as was Nia's tavern). Fantasy: (18+) Crusadia is a land of high adventure. The swords of gallant knights battle against the dark forces of sorcery. Adventure, romance, and more, await within the fabled kingdom. Affinity is a verified adult room which means it only shows on the lists for players who have verified their adult status. people to gather under a common interest... roleplaying! Affinity is a freeform room with no restrictions; all genres and characters are welcome! Our rooms are free. We offer forums. Webspace for homepages and your own galleries. Private Messaging, multiple characters, the ability to set restrictions on the rooms such as age qualifications, or even the ability to create a user list. You can have private or public rooms. We offer a game arcade for when you are bored, but not really up to a game. Most of the game rooms are free-form, but dice are available for when you want them. Images post with your post, if you want them to. You can "set locations" and "weather" in rooms where these features are turned on. You can spell check posts before submitting them. Every player can have multiple characters available via a drop down menu. You can select font color and font style and font size from drop down menus.
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Welcome Mariam, Deci, Remus, Inv3rt, Cian McLeod and Miyoto-Hit

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Jun-2008
A special welcome to all of you, especially to our old friends from Mystic Realms. For those of you involved in Dragon Highlord Remus' game, we set up the room Darastrix Knight Empire for you, but feel free to create characters for any of the rooms, and to join in the fun in the various rooms, or to create a private room. If you need your own public room, just email us. Be sure to read the entrance pages before entering rooms. Each room is privately owned, and the genres and styles of play vary from room to room. Unlike many sites that are all one realm, at Fates' Labyrinth we aim to let the gamers decide what they want. Webspace is available for each of you! If you have questions or need help, just email us at fateslabrinth@gmail.com The official "welcome lounge" is the Visitor's Center, but many of our players are old friends who gather at Nia's Tavern.
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Welcome to Fate's Labyrinth

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Jun-2008
A hearty welcome to Inv3rt, CianMcLeod, Miyoto-hit, Remus, and Decimus!

Homepage and Webspace Available Upon Request

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Jun-2008
For those asking - yes, we do offer webspace for building homepages and uploading images. We have moved that feature out of the "verified users only" region and into the "basic user" region. This means member of the site is currently entitled to this feature. You do not have to be a contributor or a legal adult to use this feature of the site. HOWEVER, webspace does have to be granted on a person by person basis. If you need webspace at the site for building a homepage or other uses, email your LOGIN handle to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com with the Subject line of "WEBSPACE" . If you click on the link that says "manage webspace" and you get an error message that says you have expired, it means you need to send the email referred to above to the site admins. This feature used to be reserved for verified adults/contributors to the site only. We found that unfair to our younger players, so we have made it available to all users at this time.

Homepage Space

Post By Lady Nia on 29-Jun-2008
We have moved the "webspace" features to "all users" as opposed to verified users only.

If you need webspace, send an email with your Login handle to [Email] Put "WEBSPACE" in the subject line.

Michael Turner (April 21, 1971 - June 27, 2008)

Post By Lady Nia on 29-Jun-2008
Michael Turner, President of Aspen Comics, and one of the most respected artists in the world of Comics passed away of cancer at Santa Monica Hospital in California. Turner's comic art was loved by millions and included cover work for both DC and Marvel. The cover shown below was drawn for Marvel Comic's release of Wolverine, Origins #1, but Turner was best known for his work on Witchblade. He drew for Superman/Batman, Fathom, Soulfire and many others, and was president of Aspen Comics. Tuner sufferend from chondrosarcoma, and waged a long battle against the disease.

Wolverine, Origins #1, Michael Turner Artist

Our hearts go out to Michael Turner's loved ones, friends and fans. RIP.


The Peddler on the Road

Post By Lady Nia on 28-Jun-2008
"~~ OUTSIDE - On the road that winds from the forest. ~~ ""Tpeyrosbhnk Magisches,"" he shouted as he stood behind the little table he'd set up, working on his trade as he displayed his ware. ""Toys carved while you wait! Order your furniture! Chairs! Tables! Tpeyrosbhnk Magisches! Tops! Spndles! Spinning Wheels! On the road that winds from the forest. Oak! Pine! Magic Willow!""
An enclosed carriage rolled down the road from Crusadia toward the small tavern, and as it neared its destination the Peddler's shouts, carried by the wind, caught the passengar's attention. ""Driver!"" She pounded on the roof of the carriage, ""Halt!"" When the driver complied, she pushed aside the curtains on the inside of the carriage and threw open the little shutters built into the door, poking her head through the small opening. ""Where is that sound coming from?"" The driver listened for a few moments. ""Sounds like the forest road."" ""Take me there! At once!"" The driver complied, passing the tavern, and turning, following the intersecting road.
""Cups fit for royalty! Toys! Wooden plates! Tpeyrosbhnk Magisches!"" Once more she pounded on the roof of the carriage, bringing it to a halt. This time, though, she thrust open the door and stepped down. ""You! Did you say you have magic triangles?""
The peddler lay aside his carving tool and examined the woman. ""The rattle of the wagon must have played with the sound, m'lady,"" he said after a long pause. ""Everyone knows that Crusadians don't dabble in magic.""
""Of course they do!"" She snapped. ""Everyone dabbles in magic from time to time, no matter what the lords and barons might claim. Do you, or do you not, have the Tpeyrosbhnk Magisches?""
His sly smile grew, and he reached down at his feet, lifting up a sack that was laying near his feet. Turning it over, he dumped the contents onto the table, small three piece interlocking puzzles carved from wood that formed small triangles. They were carved of redwood, oak, maple, pine, cedar... any tree you could you imagine, or so it seemed. ""Which one pleases you m'lady?""
She picked up one, then another, and finally settled on a lovely one with each piece carved from a different tree.
""Lovely choice m'lady. And quite reasonable at only 5 gold piece.""
Her eyes flashed with anger. ""Five pieces of gold? For three pieces of wood? That hardly seems like a bargain!""
He reached out to pull the triangle from her hand.
""Perhaps I could trade you for it? Something that your heart desires?"" How she hoped the fool would take the bargain.
A sly glint creapt into the Peddler's dark eyes as he looked over the woman. He did not know who she was, or really what she was, but just as there was more to meet the eye to the woman, there was more to the man. He could sense the magic power that surrounded her. A dark, thick power. With a toothy grin he shrugged. ""I'm a simple man. I desire 5 pices of gold for my work.""
Her sharp eyes drilled into him, as if, by staring hard enough, she could see into the depths of his mind, his heart, his soul. It was a look that the necromancer seldom allowed others to see, a dark look that spoke of things best left unsaid. Greater men had melted under the glare, but the peddler seemed amused more than frightened. ""Oh, very well!"" She snapped at last, jerking up the pouch from her side, yanking five coins from its mouth and throwing them onto the table. As the peddler picked up the coins, she snatched up her prize. Crawling back into the wagon she gave three sharp taps on the roof. ""Driver! Take me home!"" "
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