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Welcome StarNebula, Antumbra, Angel2Mars, Kyria, Ethirial, Erik & Melodia

Post By Lady Nia on 20-Jul-2008
Welcome StarNebula, Antumbra, Angel2Mars, Kyria, Ethirial, Erik & Melodia! We hope you enjoy your stay with us! If you need any help, just ask anyone, or email fateslabyrinth@gmail.com For you curious types: 10 Rooms total were active last night, registered character count is now 3,051, and our total player count, after the expirations due to failure to login, are up by 8.

Updates and Welcome to Lyne!!!

Post By Lady Nia on 20-Jul-2008
Hello, hello! Welcome Lyne! Thank you everyone who was a the Kylock Game last night. We've had a horrible murder, a ritualistic killing, and we've met a woman who not at all shy about her intentions to do harm. Our arcade page is updated with the new Marvel vs DC about the movie Dark Knight, and new quotes and jokes. We have a "monster" page now, for use in RPing if you need it. It is located at Monsters. It will be updated as I have time to add more monsters, but for now, these are some you can expect to run into from time to time. Even with expirations our numbers are up. We have 3,042 characters registered at the site as of today. For Lyne - Welcome from the King!


Post By Lady Nia on 17-Jul-2008
If you missed the mail - the next Kylock game is Wednesday at 6:30 PM Central Standard Time. (That is 4:30 in the afternoon in California, 5:30 in New Mexico, 6:30 in Texas, 7:30 in Florida, and 12:30 AM in England.) We have 3,036 characters registered to the site now, and several of the rooms are active almost 16 hours a day. Counting private rooms, we have an average of 11 active rooms a day. Check out the link to the Kylock page for updates from both scheduled and unscheduled games. Check out the Arcade Page for new smiles. Rumors are we're really shaking up the Roleplay community by coming together again, so .... in honor of all of you who play at fate's....

Thank you, David

Post By Lady Nia on 16-Jul-2008
I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.. I've been welcoming people, thanking people, and speaking of old friendships on this page recently, but it hit me that the person who I am most grateful to, the best friend in my life, is one I have not said thank you to here. If you are new to the site, and didn't run around the old Glen's or Nia's with many of us, you may not know David Garcia, and if you don't, you have my sympathy, because he's a wonderful person to know. The rest of you know what I'm talking about when I talk about how wonderful a friend David is. David is the co-owner of the site, quietly staying in the background; encouraging people, encouraging me, writing in a way that puts most of the world to shame. He is the first to remember an old name, and all the good things that go with that person. If this site brings anyone any joy at all, you should take a moment to stop and say thank you to David. It would not be here without him. For all you have done, for all you do, and for all I know you will do in the future, because you're that kind of person, and for never saying, "Are you insane?" even when I am, thank you, David. Sky/Nia

News & Updates

Post By Lady Nia on 14-Jul-2008
Good morning everyone,

I hope all the new guests have relaxed, settled in and made yourselves at home.

I know that many of you are bookmarking the portal to get to the site. I'd like to ask you to bookmark the front page instead, located at [Link]

The reason for the request is that I keep a much better blog and update of site news on that page so that people who run across the site via google or the webrings can get a general feel for what wonderful players we have.

Please drop into rooms that are not your regs from time to time and say hi to your fellow Labyrinthians.

The stats are in, and its official, we're an active chat site again.

Post By Lady Nia on 14-Jul-2008
Our character count is now 2,978, and in the last week we've added about 40 more players. We had games going in 11 rooms last night, and a few rooms were active almost the entire day. That reflects the entire week. So thank you to all of you. When Glenshadows, which later became Nia's, first opened on WBS more years ago than anyone wants to think about for too long, the beauty of it was that it allowed people to express their creativity in ways that they never had before. A lot of wonderful, lasting friendships were made in those days. Over the years, we've all wandered the web looking for that special combination again. We've all made new friends, we've found sites that had some things which we wish Nia's had had, and we've had sites that made us cringe. We've all, I'm certain, had those moments when we thought, "If I had my own room," only to get it, and then find out it wasn't really our own. This site was created to give people a chance to do it their way. An opportunity to decide for themselves what their picture limits are, or what their story lines will be, or how their rooms will look. A chance to play the way you want to play. I don't care if you play only here, or if you play at 50 other sites. I don't care if you only play once or twice a year, or if you play every day. I don't care if play D&D, Star Wars, or Pokeman. I don't even care if you play. If you want to create a room just to fight about the upcoming election, I'm happy to have you. I hope that all of you are happy to be here. The following video is dedicated to those of you who got grief from other sites for exercising your rights to play where you want, when you want. I DO know what you went through coming here, and I DO appreciate that you did it anyway.
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Welcome Kings and Shadows Friends; Old and New

Post By Lady Nia on 13-Jul-2008
We have a new room on the site everyone, run by a very old and very dear friend of David and Mine (and of Ev's and Robin and Monda and.... lots of wonderful other people.) We are thrilled and honored to have Kings and Shadows as a room, but even more to meet the wonderful people from there. I've already been deeply impressed by the wonderful people I met yesterday.
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Stats & Updates & Way to Go Kylock Players!

Post By Lady Nia on 11-Jul-2008
Hello everyone! Awesome games this week! For information on the game: Main page Kylock Cast so far Cast A little background information History And the highlights Game Highlights Current Site Character Enrollment: 2,748. Happy gaming everyone! Nia

Scheduled Game - Journey to Kylock- Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post By Lady Nia on 09-Jul-2008
The next officially scheduled Journey to Kylock Game is Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 6:30 Central Standard Time. (Apologies to those of you who got the email with the wrong time. A correction was sent). Remember: You do not have to limit these games to scheduled games. Scheduled games are only to provide us a better chance of getting primary characters together. You do not have to play a character who cares about the chest. You can be an innocent bystander or just some character interacting with other characters who are after the chest.
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Welcome home Everett!

Post By Lady Nia on 07-Jul-2008
Nia's MSN is nuianna@hotmail.com. Big game on Tuesday. Our tribute to Ev came from here. We've removed the embedded video and put in a link to ease the server load.

Welcome Sparkie602

Post By Lady Nia on 07-Jul-2008
We hope you enjoy your stay at Fate's Labyrinth! If you need anything contact the Fates at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com or look for Nia on her MSN at nuianna@hotmail.com Come on Come in! Welcome Sparkie602


Post By Lady Nia on 06-Jul-2008
Good morning everyone!
    Arcade page
has been updated. New fun includes "The Enterprise vs the Death Star," "Advice to Dark Lords," and quotes from Veronica Mars, and Buffy and Angel.
    Kylock Game Page
has also been updated. Check it out for Information and game updates. Updates are at the bottom of the screen. Site Updates.: As of this morning we had 2,731 registered characters. Happy July 4th Everyone!!!! Nia will not be around today. She is going to party!

Welcome Novesalik!! And update on Journey to Kylock.

Post By Lady Nia on 04-Jul-2008
First things first: Welcome Novesalik!!! We hope you enjoy your stay at Fate's Labyrinth. Scroll on down for a proper welcome! For those looking for information the quest, visit the Kylock Game Page. (Video removed to reduce server load.)
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Journey to Kylock Starts Tonight! Thank you everyone who played last night!

Post By Lady Nia on 03-Jul-2008
Yes, the Journey to Kylock begins tonight at Nia's Tavern at 6:30 Central Standard time. I'll try to get some general information pages up before the game. Special thanks to everyone who showed up at Nia's last night! Whether you played or just dropped in to visit OOC, it was a blast, and the room was overflowing with users, (positively drowning in characters). If you're wondering when we were around, it started about 8 PM CST and ran until almost 1 AM CST. It looks like Affinity was busy as well last night, beginning around 11 PM CST and running until almost 1 A.M. CST. Way to go Affinityians! Affinityites? For you lurkers..... and drive by peekers - we had a twice as many hits on the site last night as we did posts. That is a LOT of drive by wonders folks because were were busy last night! PLEASE post a "peek" or "hello" when you peek. You've got to the trouble of logging in, and hitting an entrance key or the system wouldn't pick you up. Just one more "click" and your friends will discover you're there. Polite players are trying not to intrude on games in progress, and I respect that, but a lot of players won't know you're on the site unless you post something, so, if nothing else, go to a room, hit pm, and send a global, "I'm in the building" pm. : ) Enigma is looking for people interested in a new style of game. "The Pleiadians" are humanoids from another place (the galaxy of Pleiade), and another time. Pleiade is 10 light years from the Milky Way. Pleiadians have a much higher rate of being born blind, mute, quadriplegic, etc.. In exchange for these physical limitations, they are much more attuned to the supernatural. Using meditation and spiritual practices they tap into and sometimes control many innate abilities and powers such as teleportation, control of the elements, etc. Some Pleiadians have an inner being which, by unlocking, they control a deeper force which brings them to a greater force, which makes them cosmic ambassadors known as the Celestial Stars. They can die physically, but within 2 - 3 weeks they can weild another body. Enigma writes, "The mood of my muse is mainly of power unleashing, which usually involves battles or other situations in which a major force of power is needed. This muse is not used to overpower any other C, just to make them feel needed in the 'verse with their esoteric powers. This Cs are not meant for any multiplayer battles, only for one 'attack and vaporize' session (or major healing sessions). Although general conversation is possible, it is very limited, for Pleiadians are not too much of talkers. Especially if some of them cannot talk. If you are interested in giving Enigma's RPG a shot, look for Enigma on line or email fateslabyrith@gmail.com and we will forward your notes to Enigma. I believe Enigma and Rootcore were talking about trying the game out in Goondocks at first. If it catches on and takes off, we may open a realm for it.
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Welcome Multipain

Post By Lady Nia on 02-Jul-2008
If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
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