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Fate's Labyrinth News and Updates

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Updates and Welcome to Lyne!!!

Post By Lady Nia on 20-Jul-2008
Hello, hello! Welcome Lyne! Thank you everyone who was a the Kylock Game last night. We've had a horrible murder, a ritualistic killing, and we've met a woman who not at all shy about her intentions to do harm. Our arcade page is updated with the new Marvel vs DC about the movie Dark Knight, and new quotes and jokes. We have a "monster" page now, for use in RPing if you need it. It is located at Monsters. It will be updated as I have time to add more monsters, but for now, these are some you can expect to run into from time to time. Even with expirations our numbers are up. We have 3,042 characters registered at the site as of today. For Lyne - Welcome from the King!


Post By Lady Nia on 17-Jul-2008
If you missed the mail - the next Kylock game is Wednesday at 6:30 PM Central Standard Time. (That is 4:30 in the afternoon in California, 5:30 in New Mexico, 6:30 in Texas, 7:30 in Florida, and 12:30 AM in England.) We have 3,036 characters registered to the site now, and several of the rooms are active almost 16 hours a day. Counting private rooms, we have an average of 11 active rooms a day. Check out the link to the Kylock page for updates from both scheduled and unscheduled games. Check out the Arcade Page for new smiles. Rumors are we're really shaking up the Roleplay community by coming together again, so .... in honor of all of you who play at fate's....

News & Updates

Post By Lady Nia on 14-Jul-2008
Good morning everyone,

I hope all the new guests have relaxed, settled in and made yourselves at home.

I know that many of you are bookmarking the portal to get to the site. I'd like to ask you to bookmark the front page instead, located at [Link]

The reason for the request is that I keep a much better blog and update of site news on that page so that people who run across the site via google or the webrings can get a general feel for what wonderful players we have.

Please drop into rooms that are not your regs from time to time and say hi to your fellow Labyrinthians.

Stats & Updates & Way to Go Kylock Players!

Post By Lady Nia on 11-Jul-2008
Hello everyone! Awesome games this week! For information on the game: Main page Kylock Cast so far Cast A little background information History And the highlights Game Highlights Current Site Character Enrollment: 2,748. Happy gaming everyone! Nia


Post By Lady Nia on 06-Jul-2008
Good morning everyone!
    Arcade page
has been updated. New fun includes "The Enterprise vs the Death Star," "Advice to Dark Lords," and quotes from Veronica Mars, and Buffy and Angel.
    Kylock Game Page
has also been updated. Check it out for Information and game updates. Updates are at the bottom of the screen. Site Updates.: As of this morning we had 2,731 registered characters. Happy July 4th Everyone!!!! Nia will not be around today. She is going to party!

Welcome Steeve149, Vertix, and Rale. Quest & General Reports

Post By Lady Nia on 02-Jul-2008
Welcome to our newest members!We hope that you enjoy your time at the site! Make yourself right at home! If we can help in anyway, just write us at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com strong>QUEST BEGINS TOMORROW @ 6:30 PM Central Standard Time! Scroll down in this blog to find out more information about the quest. Site Stats: Since this same time last week we have had an overall gain of 12 players to the site. (Overall gain = Player count as of 6/24/08 Minus Players who expired for not signing in Plus New Players). Reminders: Please Remember- A zero on the door doesn't necessarily mean the room is empty. I've had some of our newer members tell me the site was totally dead when in fact there were games going on at the same time they were on the site. This is caused by depending too much on the door attendance lists, people lurking without posting, and people waiting so long between posts that the door drops them on the who is on list. (The busier a room is, the more likely it may be that the first person to post vanishes from the list, as they are waiting for person 7 to post before posting again.) The site updates the door and the "who is on" based on posts. If you are lurking in a room and don't post for awhile, the door will show others that you aren't there. Often in games where people write long posts the door shows rooms as empty when they are active. If you are a regular site member or an otherwise experienced roleplayer please keep up your who's on and refresh it frequently. If you notice a lurker, send them a PM or an ooc greeting in the rooms. The door also may show people in the room who have already left. I urge players to post some kind of "exit" when they leave the site. (I'm trying to do that myself.) Either "IC" have your character leave, or drop an (OC) note like, "AFK' or "BRB" or "Have to go." That way if people scroll back, they'll be able to see whether you are going for a cup of coffee or gone for the night. Nia's MSN is nuianna@hotmail.com If you want a game and cannot find one, please feel free to look for her on MSN. The site email is fateslabyrinth@gmail.com If you need your webspace activated, your age verified so you can access restricted rooms, etc., please email us. Scroll through the blogs for more information about the site. Make use of the forums.

Homepage and Webspace Available Upon Request

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Jun-2008
For those asking - yes, we do offer webspace for building homepages and uploading images. We have moved that feature out of the "verified users only" region and into the "basic user" region. This means member of the site is currently entitled to this feature. You do not have to be a contributor or a legal adult to use this feature of the site. HOWEVER, webspace does have to be granted on a person by person basis. If you need webspace at the site for building a homepage or other uses, email your LOGIN handle to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com with the Subject line of "WEBSPACE" . If you click on the link that says "manage webspace" and you get an error message that says you have expired, it means you need to send the email referred to above to the site admins. This feature used to be reserved for verified adults/contributors to the site only. We found that unfair to our younger players, so we have made it available to all users at this time.

Homepage Space

Post By Lady Nia on 29-Jun-2008
We have moved the "webspace" features to "all users" as opposed to verified users only.

If you need webspace, send an email with your Login handle to [Email] Put "WEBSPACE" in the subject line.

Time Zone Questions?

Post By Lady Nia on 19-Jun-2008
Tavern time is Central Standard Time. That is GMT - 6. Game is at 6:30 CST, which is: 4:30 Pacific Time and Arizona Time. (They are Mountain without daylight savings time.) 5:30 Mountain Time 6:30 Central Time 7:30 Eastern Time 12:30 AM in London This might help: http://www.worldtimezone.com/wtz24.php

Login Problems?

Post By Lady Nia on 13-Jun-2008
Try re-registering. The software automatically drops players who have not logged in within a certain number of days. If you would like it confirmed that you were dropped by the system, email fateslabyrinth@gmail.com.

Need Homepage Space?

Post By Lady Nia on 19-Jul-2007
Talk to Dave or Sky or drop a line to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com or oracle@fateslabyrinth.net .

Looking for even more information?

Post By Lady Nia on 12-Jul-2007
Step into a room and use the scroll back feature to read previous postings, and be sure to check out forums, home pages and room doorways.

Some tips that you might find helpful

Post By Lady Nia on 10-Jul-2007
Character Handles, Login's, etc.: At Fate's Labyrinth you only have to remember one "login" name. From there you create "puppets" that handle all your character handles, their images, their taglines, etc., from a drop down menu associated with your login name. This allows you more freedom to play multiple characters without having to login every time you want to use a new character. Currently we have 3 rooms open. We are working on more. If your genre is not represented yet, or if you want to open your own room, write to oracle@fateslabyrinth.net . When you login you'll be at what we call the gate. Check for internal messages, news and updates or the site forums there. If you have a forum idea that isn't offered, write the oracle. From the gate you should see a "select a puppet option" with your name, and a button called edit. Click on "edit" to add features to your characters or to create new characters. If you double click on the name of a room you will get a brief description of the room. Next to every room name are three columns. One is the homepage of the room, one is the forum of the room, one is the number of users currently in the room. If you want to play in a private room, just put a room name in the box next to private realm. If you want to make a password protected private room that is not a hybrid room, you put in the room name with @ password. Like john@mysecret Room is john, mysecret is the password. Warning - private rooms created straight at the gate are different from what is called a hybrid room. Private rooms created at the gate are purged and do not last.
13 of 13 entries