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Building a Community

Post By Lady Nia on 12-Jul-2007
In order to help us all get a little better acquainted, I have started a thread on the Nia's Tavern board called "Introductions".

Please stop by and tells us a little about yourself or about your main character if you prefer. If you have favorite time to play, tell us when that is.

For those of you who can't find a game, write [Email] and tell us when you tend to play and we'll see what we can arrange.
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Some tips that you might find helpful

Post By Lady Nia on 10-Jul-2007
Character Handles, Login's, etc.: At Fate's Labyrinth you only have to remember one "login" name. From there you create "puppets" that handle all your character handles, their images, their taglines, etc., from a drop down menu associated with your login name. This allows you more freedom to play multiple characters without having to login every time you want to use a new character. Currently we have 3 rooms open. We are working on more. If your genre is not represented yet, or if you want to open your own room, write to oracle@fateslabyrinth.net . When you login you'll be at what we call the gate. Check for internal messages, news and updates or the site forums there. If you have a forum idea that isn't offered, write the oracle. From the gate you should see a "select a puppet option" with your name, and a button called edit. Click on "edit" to add features to your characters or to create new characters. If you double click on the name of a room you will get a brief description of the room. Next to every room name are three columns. One is the homepage of the room, one is the forum of the room, one is the number of users currently in the room. If you want to play in a private room, just put a room name in the box next to private realm. If you want to make a password protected private room that is not a hybrid room, you put in the room name with @ password. Like john@mysecret Room is john, mysecret is the password. Warning - private rooms created straight at the gate are different from what is called a hybrid room. Private rooms created at the gate are purged and do not last.


Post By Lady Nia on 24-Jun-2007
Welcome to Fates Labyrinth Maia!

To say we are glad you could join us in an understatement.


Our community is already growing

Post By Lady Nia on 23-Jun-2007
We dub Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 as the official opening day of Fate's Labyrinth.

Drassiniyan may be familiar to players who have migrated here from other sites as it was a popular site in by-gone days at an site we will not mention here. Moved here by its original creator.

Drassiyian is a dark continent, ruled by the forces of evil, where every day is a struggle for survival.

Nia's Tavern may also be familiar to players who have migrated from other sites, and was also moved here by its original creator.

Locked on the border where evil and good run head-long into one another, Nia's is a place for adventure and friendship.

The Lost Rune Library is our newest room. It is a sanctuary of forgotten knowledge, in the most unexpected place.

We encourage all players to visit all three rooms.

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