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Fate's Labyrinth News and Updates

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Welcome to our new friends! Arcade is updated!

Post By Lady Nia on 04-Sep-2008
Join me in welcoming our newest members; Nighthawk, Wolfoh, Babyjane, Rian, BellaDella, RCGanadin, MoMo, Aspen, BrianRoth, Anaeril, and Kalalda!!!! We hope you folks enjoy your stay journey in the labyrinth! My apologies if you haven't been catching me lately. This has been one of my busiest weeks of the year both at work and at home. I should be back to normal pretty soon. For you folks interested in stats, our character count is sitting at 3,285 right now. A reminder if you don't log in within a reasonable length of time the system will auto drop you. Please remember to read the splash pages and/or homepages to get a better feel for a room. Please remember to go to the validate link and validate your age. If the webpage isn't working, just send your Login Handle, your date of birth and your statement to agreement to the terms of service to fatesvalidate@gmail.com . Nia and Xanax (Sky and Dave) can be reached by emailing fateslabyrinth@gmail.com. Nia can usually be reached via MSN at nuianna@hotmail.com The arcade page has been updated with the latest Marvel vs DC, a video of Han Solo on trial, and new jokes and quotes. I'm not planning to run a formal Kylock game tonight because the pressures of work and home have been too great to set up a game, but feel free to play on without me. Reno Starhopper is a moderator for the room, and I bet he can handle the story line while I am out if he plays tonight. HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE! Nia Welcome New Players!
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Verify your age!

Post By Lady Nia on 20-Aug-2008
In the interest of providing the safest web experience for all of our users, Fate's Labyrinth is instituting a formal age verification policy. Unlike other sites that require you submit a credit card or a license, Fate's asks only the following: Login Handle; Agreement to the Terms of Service; Date of Birth. ALL players, minor or adult, should verify their age. Lying about this will be grounds for banning from the site. This information will be not be made public. It is purely for legal purposes, and will be kept on file. Current validated-adults MUST re-validate to enter a verified adult room. Note: Certain rooms that have adult content have wisely chosen to limit access to verified adults only. These rooms do not even appear on the list of unvalidated users. On September 8, 2008, only users validated throught the website will continue to have access to verified rooms. To Verify your age, simply fill out the short form at: Age Verification There is a button in the main chat portal menu for this as well.
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Safe Webbing

Post By Lady Nia on 18-Aug-2008
In the interest of providing the safest web experience for all of our users, Fate's Labyrinth is instituting a formal age verification policy.

Unlike other sites that require you submit a credit card or a license, Fate's asks only the following:

Login Handle; Agreement to the Terms of Service; Date of Birth.

ALL players, minor or adult, should verify their age. Lying about this will be grounds for banning from the site.

This information will be not be made public. It is purely for legal purposes, and will be kept on file.
Current validated-adults MUST re-validate to enter a verified adult room.

Note: Certain rooms that have adult content have wisely chosen to limit access to verified adults only. These rooms do not even appear on the list of unvalidated users. On September 8, 2008, only users validated throught the website will continue to have access to verified rooms.

To Verify your age, simply fill out the short form at: Age" TARGET="_blank">[Link] Verification

There is a button in the main chat portal menu for this as well.
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New Feature - Labyrinth Ledger

Post By Lady Nia on 25-Jul-2008
Today's Labyrinth Ledger features a review of the blockbuster movie, by Xanax.
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Welcome Kings and Shadows Friends; Old and New

Post By Lady Nia on 13-Jul-2008
We have a new room on the site everyone, run by a very old and very dear friend of David and Mine (and of Ev's and Robin and Monda and.... lots of wonderful other people.) We are thrilled and honored to have Kings and Shadows as a room, but even more to meet the wonderful people from there. I've already been deeply impressed by the wonderful people I met yesterday.
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Welcome home Everett!

Post By Lady Nia on 07-Jul-2008
Nia's MSN is nuianna@hotmail.com. Big game on Tuesday. Our tribute to Ev came from here. We've removed the embedded video and put in a link to ease the server load.

General Info

Post By Lady Nia on 01-Jul-2008
Someone said they wished they didn't have to register and login to see what we offer, so I'll share the "inner secrets". Inside we have a room called The Visitor Center - Visitor Center - General: (PG) An out-of-character site lounge for players to get to know one another or to find games. Think of it as an old fashioned chat room, or an out of character area. Its a place to wait for your friends to get together. We have "The Lost Rune." - A General: Adult: realm. Listed as IC Only. The description reads, "First one in posts a startign gambit. ANy adult is welcome to play that theme. It is a pickup game, there is no back story except what you see. Dive in and play. We have Nia's Tavern - Fantasy Between Crusadia and the untamed lands, where the roads of the labyrinth converge, lies Nia`s Tavern. Villains and heros, kings and peasants, humans and monsters all find their way to Nia`s. Freeform, fantasy realm, roughly based on TSR`s AD&D. We have Goondocks - Modern: Goondocks - Modern: (18+) To paraphrase Dr. Frank-N-Furter, "Don`t dream it..be it." Wanna know more? Then take a peek inside my multi-genre RP room..if you dare For Star Wars fans we offer Entralla - Entralla - Star Wars: (PG) Entralla is home to rebels and imperialists alike. Headquarters for the Guild of Interstellar Merchants, and for the Red Moons Resistance, the Capital City Nexus also boasts the Lunar Night Casino and Race Track. Smugglars and merchants, imperial ... Drassiniyan is another fantasy setting that bills itself as "A world where the only help a man has is his own wit and his own brawn." Our newest room is Darastric Knight Empire: It is a fantasy room for 14 years of age and older. The Homeland of the dark armies of Takhisis, its majestic cities and vast plains are home to a variety of races, creatures, and the sinister evil that marks this region. Crusadia is carried over from the original WBS (as was Nia's tavern). Fantasy: (18+) Crusadia is a land of high adventure. The swords of gallant knights battle against the dark forces of sorcery. Adventure, romance, and more, await within the fabled kingdom. Affinity is a verified adult room which means it only shows on the lists for players who have verified their adult status. people to gather under a common interest... roleplaying! Affinity is a freeform room with no restrictions; all genres and characters are welcome! Our rooms are free. We offer forums. Webspace for homepages and your own galleries. Private Messaging, multiple characters, the ability to set restrictions on the rooms such as age qualifications, or even the ability to create a user list. You can have private or public rooms. We offer a game arcade for when you are bored, but not really up to a game. Most of the game rooms are free-form, but dice are available for when you want them. Images post with your post, if you want them to. You can "set locations" and "weather" in rooms where these features are turned on. You can spell check posts before submitting them. Every player can have multiple characters available via a drop down menu. You can select font color and font style and font size from drop down menus.
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Welcome Mariam, Deci, Remus, Inv3rt, Cian McLeod and Miyoto-Hit

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Jun-2008
A special welcome to all of you, especially to our old friends from Mystic Realms. For those of you involved in Dragon Highlord Remus' game, we set up the room Darastrix Knight Empire for you, but feel free to create characters for any of the rooms, and to join in the fun in the various rooms, or to create a private room. If you need your own public room, just email us. Be sure to read the entrance pages before entering rooms. Each room is privately owned, and the genres and styles of play vary from room to room. Unlike many sites that are all one realm, at Fates' Labyrinth we aim to let the gamers decide what they want. Webspace is available for each of you! If you have questions or need help, just email us at fateslabrinth@gmail.com The official "welcome lounge" is the Visitor's Center, but many of our players are old friends who gather at Nia's Tavern.
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Arcade and Humor

Post By Lady Nia on 27-Jun-2008
We've added a room for you to relax and enjoy yourself while you are waiting on other people. It will be updated frequently with new jokes and videos, and it will always have some free arcade games like Majhong, Jewel Thief, Dungeon Hunt, Robin Hood, and many more.

If you click on the link on the front page, it opens up right there. I prefer that you right click, open a new window, and then keep up your "who's on" list or your room, posting in the room at least every 10 minutes, and refreshing the who's on list.

This way you can relax and enjoy your time on line while waiting for your RPG partners to show up, but also see when they show up.
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Welcomes and Quest Reminders:

Post By Lady Nia on 25-Jun-2008
The first order of business is to welcome Kaizoku, Jane, Jamez and Skygoddess to the labyrinth. I hope that all of you enjoy your games! I look forward to playing with you. Please email me if you have any problems. If you want a hybrid or public room, email me that too. Our registered character count has leapt up to 2,416, and hopefully I've finally gotten all of our registered users onto our mailing list from g-mail. I'm trying to stay on line most of the days during the day and a lot of the evenings. If you don't see me, and want a game, check MSN for nuianna@hotmail.com . If I'm signed in I probably am able and willing to play with you. That is not always 100% true, but I do try. Please visit the forums, post your hello's, something about yourself, reply to one another, post when you would like a game. That kind of thing. Communication is key to keeping good games going. Hopefully tonight I can iron out the details of the quest in Nia's Tavern to kick it off tomorrow night. I'm spreading around the responsibilty for running various portions of this game to numerous people so that the game can more easily bend to suit everyone and so players will not have to have David or I present to enjoy the game. In that light, Anna of the Sword is going to handle the hiring of a team of adventurers to transport an object of massive importance to a location far away from the city of Crusadia. Anna is an experieced roleplayer from a non-WBS site where both David and I have been known to play, and is a fantastic player. Keep your eyes on the front page, and on your email, for the official kick off of the game. You do not have to be present for the first game to play in the quest. You should read the homepages of Nia's Tavern, and Crusadia. This object is extremely valuable to dark forces that may want to do harm to those who generally lean toward "goodness" or "neutrality". Buyers who are evil are certainly going to want to get their hands onto it. Heros are certainly going to want to find it and take it back to Crusadia and hand it over to either Saryn, Nia or Alexander. Peasants, petty thieves, blackmailers, hookers, clerics, healers, and shop keepers may just find out they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Guards will be looking for anyone trying to move this object, so some of you may end up in dungeons. If you get in the way of a monster, or distrub a cranky group while parading around their area, that's your mistake. That said: This game is specifically designed to work as a "free for all" situation to experienced gamers, with a bit of structure, but a lot of freedom to create your own side games. For instance: If you don't want to work for Anna, or you fail to get hired by Anna, you could create your own game for your character to react in anyway that would be logical for your character. An innocent bystander hearing the conversations might try to alert a guard or someone. A person rejected by Anna might be angry and decide to form their own group to steal it from the party. A young girl who was in the room, but not listening might be persumed to be about to turn them in, and therefore kidnapped or threatened. You are limited only by your imagination with very few excpetions. The exception is, do not ruin the game for everyone. Yeas and years ago, when Nia's and WBS were new, we had a game similiar to this arranged where players were having to search for an object. It was carefully designed to be an old fashioned dungeon crawl that would allow every player at the old place (and there were a LOT of players there folks) to play in the game, when a new player that wanted to impress everyone walked in an announced something along the lines of, "Oh, is this what you are looking for? I found it" during the "hiring" date we all hated him. The poor kid never knew why no one on the site liked him after that. Do not make that mistake. Do not let others make that mistake. If you think someone it going to totally derail the game, come to me, or Alex, or Anna. We CAN (and will) moderate around the issue. That doesn't mean you can't actually find it, and get it to Alex or Nia in a good gaming way that seems fair and reasonable to other players. It just means that until we are ready to say, "Okay, game over," you're either going to have a very difficult time having your character find us to give it to us, or we're going to let it slip through our fingers to be back into play again, or we're going to try to transport it somewhere so that the bad guys can take a shot at it again. MOST of the game's fun will not be about the object itself though. For those new to this kind of gaming, most of the fun will be in the side adventures you create yourself. The kind of things like when you have an appointment with a very important person in the next village at 3:00, and you accidentally stumble on a group of Kobolds who don't agree that you should make it to the next village. Or the day that you accidentally land in a dungeon and have to figure out how to bribe your way out, break out, or go to court and pray you don't hang. Or the beautiful forest Nymph you meet who sweeps you off your feet so that you no longer care about the object. You can get caught in floods or forest fires for all we care. Just have fun! We get a LOT of hits on rooms, but a lot of you seem to only want to play if David or I are on line. Please don't do that. There are some of the most amazing writers and roleplayers on the web registered at our site. Play with each other and you'll find that out. Nia's Tavern will play the "focal point" of the game, but you can play this game in private rooms, Crusadia, Lost Rune.... I'll try to be on earlier tomorrow night, around 6:00 cst; and I'll stay later. Getting into adult rooms: If you need access to adult or over 18 rooms and are not getting in, you'll need to validate that you are an adult. We are a very laid back group, but we do not want underage people to be at risk on our site. I am about to put in a request for your date of birth on the site. The only thing I care about is that you're old enough for the rooms you want into. Other sites validate by making you send them a $1 via paypall. I do not want to do that. I don't want your money, I want you to have fun on a site that is safely and responsbily operated. Until I get that code written, you can email your date of birth along with your LOGIN handle to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com. It will not be posted anywhere. It is just for validation purposes. By sending it to us, you will be swearing, via electornic signature, that you are the age you are presenting yourself to be. See the Terms of Service if you have questions, or email me. We won't post it. We just want to keep underage people out of the adult rooms. Happy gaming!
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Friday's Stats

Post By Lady Nia on 22-Jun-2008
I haven't gotten the Saturday Stats in yet, but the Friday Stats showed activity in 5 rooms, with 2,283 characters registered, and several new members. A few members and characters dropped off due to inactivity, so remember, login every once in awhile, even if you can't stick around for a game. For those of you coming from the sister-sites that had lounges, we've set up the Visitor's Lounge for Out-of-Character ((OOC)) visiting, and to wait to find a game. If you're in a room and a game is going on, you might want to keep the OOC to PM's as much as possible. That said, a lot of us are old friends just re-locating one another, and if you happen to land in a room where people are talking OOC, remember that anything enclosed in (( )) is out-of-character chatter, and be patient with the friends. Remember to check out homepages and splash pages for information about the rooms you are entering. If you are having trouble with your pictures, it may be that your size is either too big pixel wise, or byte wise. You can contact one of the room mods to see what the limits for the room you are entering is. With Nia's and the Visitor's Center I've tried to give you lots of flexibility in that department. If you are a sci-fi or Star Wars fan, you may want to check out Entralla. For medieval fantasy settings try Drassiniyan, Crusadia or Nia's Tavern. For modern story lines based largely on television shows such as Veronica Mars, check out Goondocks. For a general all-genre setting, look at Affinity. If you are seeking access to an age-restricted room, you must first verify your age. To do that, currently, contact the fates at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com and we'll figure out the best way to verify your age. (Sister sites often request at least a $1 donation for verification, but we are trying to avoid that for now.) If you haven't checked out the Elf Only Inn comic, click the link on the front page, and then select "First" of his series. Josh and his lady Shannon played at the original Nia's many years ago before WBS sold the first time, and has become quite a hit for his comic based on roleplay rooms. (He swears that the comic is not based on Nia's Tavern.) If you are new and wondering how the private rooms work. Once you are logged in, look below the room list, and you'll see a place that says "Private Room". Enter the name of the room in that box, and it will create a generic room for you. Warning though, the system will erase private rooms after a certain number of hours, so if you want to open a room that has its own splash page and info, you should contact the Fates at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com. Recently I've gotten several questions about Nia's Tavern. For a basic geography of the region, look at the geography section of Crusadia's pages. Nia's Tavern sits between the elf lands and Crusadia. For a feel of the story lines that have run in Nia's, check out the forums and homepages of both of those rooms. The best way to approach Nia's is to decide if you are a citzen of one of the lands listed on the geography section of Crusadia's pages or from another land, (or plane of existance), who has wandered into the place. Many of the old Nia's regs started out as "weary travelers" who landed in a place they began to think of as a home away from home. I hope it can become the same for you and your characters.
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Building a Community

Post By Lady Nia on 12-Jul-2007
In order to help us all get a little better acquainted, I have started a thread on the Nia's Tavern board called "Introductions".

Please stop by and tells us a little about yourself or about your main character if you prefer. If you have favorite time to play, tell us when that is.

For those of you who can't find a game, write [Email] and tell us when you tend to play and we'll see what we can arrange.
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Our community is already growing

Post By Lady Nia on 23-Jun-2007
We dub Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 as the official opening day of Fate's Labyrinth.

Drassiniyan may be familiar to players who have migrated here from other sites as it was a popular site in by-gone days at an site we will not mention here. Moved here by its original creator.

Drassiyian is a dark continent, ruled by the forces of evil, where every day is a struggle for survival.

Nia's Tavern may also be familiar to players who have migrated from other sites, and was also moved here by its original creator.

Locked on the border where evil and good run head-long into one another, Nia's is a place for adventure and friendship.

The Lost Rune Library is our newest room. It is a sanctuary of forgotten knowledge, in the most unexpected place.

We encourage all players to visit all three rooms.

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