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I wish you a love filled, joy filled Merry Christmas - Nia

Post By Lady Nia on 25-Dec-2009
David Bowie and Bing Crosby - Little Drummer Boy - Peace on Earth

Wishing Everyone A Blessed Thanksgiving

Post By Lady Nia on 25-Nov-2009
Whether you are in the United States of America or not, we wish everyone safe travels, love, and joy. Friends are on the top of list of things we are thankful for. For you cooks and hosts and hostesses, remember, perfection is happiness with loved ones and friends, so don't worry so much about whether the centerpiece is perfect, or about the thumb in the middle of the pie. Relax, feast and fellowship! "

Happy Birthday Russ!

Post By Lady Nia on 15-Oct-2009

Harvest Festival - Nia's Tavern - Tuesday 10-13-09

Post By Lady Nia on 13-Oct-2009
By Invitation of his majesty, Alexander Goldenshield, the Lion of Crusadia, you are invited to join citizens of Crusadia and the neighboring enchanted lands in the celebration of a good harvest. There will be food, drink, dance, jesters, fire-eaters, and fortune tellers. For the braver ones there will be archery contests, jousting, feats of strength, and contests of courage and balance befitting any knight. ">


Post By Lady Nia on 16-Sep-2008
We've just received notice that one of our favorite patrons and his wife are expecting a child in May. Congratulations! We wish you and your son or daughter health, happiness and joy!

Thank you, David

Post By Lady Nia on 16-Jul-2008
I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.. I've been welcoming people, thanking people, and speaking of old friendships on this page recently, but it hit me that the person who I am most grateful to, the best friend in my life, is one I have not said thank you to here. If you are new to the site, and didn't run around the old Glen's or Nia's with many of us, you may not know David Garcia, and if you don't, you have my sympathy, because he's a wonderful person to know. The rest of you know what I'm talking about when I talk about how wonderful a friend David is. David is the co-owner of the site, quietly staying in the background; encouraging people, encouraging me, writing in a way that puts most of the world to shame. He is the first to remember an old name, and all the good things that go with that person. If this site brings anyone any joy at all, you should take a moment to stop and say thank you to David. It would not be here without him. For all you have done, for all you do, and for all I know you will do in the future, because you're that kind of person, and for never saying, "Are you insane?" even when I am, thank you, David. Sky/Nia
6 of 6 entries