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Merry Christmas, congratulations graduating seniors, and happy Plymouth Day!

Post By Lady Nia on 18-Dec-2009
Today in history (December 18, 1620), the pilgrams left their ships to establish colonies at Plymouth, Mass. Today in the present December graduates from many colleges, and a few high schools are going through commencement. We with you joy, peace and success! Carol of the Bells as performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Happy 40 th Anniversary Monty Python!

Post By Lady Nia on 05-Oct-2009
Dakota King has informed Fate's Followers that 40 years ago today Monty Python Debuted their Flying Circus. Thank you Monty Python for 40 years of laughter!
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Shake Your World of Warcraft Booty

Post By Lady Nia on 26-Aug-2009
Ever wonder where those World of Warcraft Dances come from? Here are some WoW Characters with the "original source" dancers.

Baby To Be.

Post By Lady Nia on 04-Sep-2008
Congratulations to Joe and Nina on the news that they are soon to be parents!
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The stats are in, and its official, we're an active chat site again.

Post By Lady Nia on 14-Jul-2008
Our character count is now 2,978, and in the last week we've added about 40 more players. We had games going in 11 rooms last night, and a few rooms were active almost the entire day. That reflects the entire week. So thank you to all of you. When Glenshadows, which later became Nia's, first opened on WBS more years ago than anyone wants to think about for too long, the beauty of it was that it allowed people to express their creativity in ways that they never had before. A lot of wonderful, lasting friendships were made in those days. Over the years, we've all wandered the web looking for that special combination again. We've all made new friends, we've found sites that had some things which we wish Nia's had had, and we've had sites that made us cringe. We've all, I'm certain, had those moments when we thought, "If I had my own room," only to get it, and then find out it wasn't really our own. This site was created to give people a chance to do it their way. An opportunity to decide for themselves what their picture limits are, or what their story lines will be, or how their rooms will look. A chance to play the way you want to play. I don't care if you play only here, or if you play at 50 other sites. I don't care if you only play once or twice a year, or if you play every day. I don't care if play D&D, Star Wars, or Pokeman. I don't even care if you play. If you want to create a room just to fight about the upcoming election, I'm happy to have you. I hope that all of you are happy to be here. The following video is dedicated to those of you who got grief from other sites for exercising your rights to play where you want, when you want. I DO know what you went through coming here, and I DO appreciate that you did it anyway.
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Wow! What a night! Thank you everyone!

Post By Lady Nia on 20-Jun-2008
First news of the day, our puppet count and our player count are growing every day. We now have 2,277 registered characters on the site. Thank you to everyone who showed up at Nia's last night! Our little 1 hour game ran a little over 3 hours, and a few dear old friends from the way-way-way back days showed up. A few other old friends have contacted me via MSN (Voel, Waylander). Characters or people OOC last night included: Auntie Roo - (OOC, but thank you for coming!!!! Roo made our admin areas user friendly! So kiss her feet when you see her. Or log onto fate Bound and send her a donation.) Clovis (A Centaur, and a good friend of Sky and Dave!) Diamonde (A lovely young lady who was lost, and found herself near our door.) Megan (OOC, but it was wonderful to see her pop in.) StarDawn - (Yes, THE Star Dawn, a wonderful friend from the "old" days! And a published author!) Nia - (Yes, I really do play at my own site from time to time.) Willie Hardstone - (Bartender and former seaman. Employed by Nia and Alex to watch the bar.) Zachery Squire - (A young man who helps around the bar, especially with heavy lifting.) Alexander Goldenshield - (Yes, he really does play at his own site.) Francis Broadshire - (The barmaid for Nia's.) Monnie - (Stopped by OOC. We look forward to playing with her! A dear friend from the past.) Saffron D'Ardis dropped in after we all had split. Looks like we missed Saff by minutes. (Bummer). Saffron is a wonderful friend from the past! And the present! (Dont' worry, I know where to track Saff down.) Sheol dropped in while I was out. Sorry that I missed you! Remember, you can find me on MSN at nuianna@hotmail.com Next Game is Saturday! It begins at 11 CST. It will run at least one hour. Maybe longer. Looks like "finding the best time to play" is the biggest issue for folks. This is my down time at work, meaning, everyone in the building is on vacation, and I've already completed all my "to do" list until some of them return, so I'm going to try to be around some of the rooms on the site, or at least on MSN while I'm at work. If I can play, I will. If I'm not on site when you get there, nudge my MSN. (I won't promise to play then, but I promise to try). We have a live journal community called fateslabyrinth. Let me know your livejournal USERNAME and I'll happily send you an official invitation.
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6 of 6 entries