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Post By Lady Nia on 26-Jun-2013
I am happy to announce that DOMA has been held unconstitutional, 5-4 decision authored by Justice Kennedy.

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Thank you Cynic!

Post By Lady Nia on 06-Dec-2009
Please stop by Youtube and leave a thank you to Cynic for the wonderful ad he created for the site.

Fate's Angels

Post By Lady Nia on 30-Oct-2009
On the right you'll see a list of Fate's Angels. These are angels in the theatrical sense, people who have donated funds to help keep the site running. So, please thank them when you see them. Angels receive no special privileges, rights, or gimmicks. They support the site so they can continue to have a place to play with minimal interference from management. If you want to become an Angel, look for the donate button on the main gate menu. It will take you to a login page, and then to a paypal page.
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Important Announcements - New Room & New Game

Post By Lady Nia on 28-Sep-2009
First, the Fates want to welcome the room, 'The Double Eagle'. If you are a patron of Nia's, you already know Reno Starhopper. Reno has started a Western-Genre roleplay room called "The Double Eagle." I hope all of you will stop in, and pick up some great games in his room. Second, a very near and dear friend to the patron's of Nia's, Robin, has been unable to join us very often because the time zone differences between London and the USA make gaming together almost impossible. Robin has come up with the idea of using the Nia's forum to start a little "forum posting game". A lot of you are probably already familiar with this style of play. If you aren't, its simple. You just make your posts a little longer, put a little more thought into them, and post them into the forum. If you haven't tried the forums yet... go to the room selection menu at the portal of gates. Next to the rooms name is an icon for the homepage, and next to that is an icon for the forums. Forum games will be considered independent of in-room play, but can mimic in-room play if you like. In other words, if you die in the forum, you aren't dead in the room unless you want to be, and vice versa. Happy gaming!
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Attention Room Owners and All Users!

Post By Lady Nia on 18-Sep-2009
If you want something to be posted right here at the main page in this section, send it to Sky or David and we will try to help you out. If you don't have our address, just send it to fateslabyrinth@gmail.com. Be sure to include what your relationship to the site is. (Room Owner, Moderator, User.) Be sure to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU CHECK. Remember, this is the front page of the site, and the site owners reserve the right to refuse to post anything or to edit things for site-appropriate content.
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How to add comments

Post By Lady Nia on 18-Sep-2009
I think I've got the comments section of the page fixed. Click on the word comments near the end of posts. Click on leave comment. Enter a name and an email address and then submit your comment. The Fate's Reserve the right to delete comments we find inappropriate for the front page so think before you post.
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In the Weird News Category-Student Kills Burglar With Sword

Post By Lady Nia on 15-Sep-2009
From CNN on September 15, 2009 Story Highlights
  • Suspect died at scene
  • He had severed left hand and lacerations to upper body
  • Students confronted man in their garage, police say
  • He lunged at students,
  • one defended himself with samurai sword
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    Welcome Home Mimi, Yasmeen and Conner!

    Post By Lady Nia on 22-Aug-2009
    So glad to have two of Glenshadow/Nia's best and favorite players (and dear friends) back! Welcome home Mimi! Welcome home Mr and Mrs H!
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    Back at last

    Post By Lady Nia on 19-May-2009
    Thank you all for your patience with my long absences. Its been a very rough year for my family in a personal sense, but things are returning to normal, and I'm back. To anyone who joined the sight during my absence, welcome. To those who kept it going while I was gone, thank you so much! ">

    No, I haven't abandoned the site

    Post By Lady Nia on 22-Nov-2008
    I am starting to get emails asking if I have quit the site. I have not, but I have been focusing on some offline family-health issues and just haven't had the site on the top of my priority list. This site was really meant to belong to the users anyway, the goal being to let room owners do what they want to do with minimal interference from anyone, and David can do anything and everything I could do. So if you need a room opened, moved to public, etc., and you can't find me, please look for David. Sky/Nia
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    Post By Lady Nia on 14-Oct-2008
    I received a note from our server host today that there has been an usually high number of attempts to hack the host server. These hacks are not necessarily directed at our website, but at our host. Most of the attempts are coming from proxy servers. Because of this, the HOST SERVER has banned a significantly high number of proxy ips. They have informed me that they will NOT remove those IP's from the banned lists. So, if you know of anyone who is getting an apache page or an access denied page they need to contact us at fateslabyrinth@gmail.com Put in your subject line, "Access Issues" or "Apache Issues". In that email I need the following information: 1) A good email address to respond to you to. 2) Your login handle 3) Your IP address.
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    Calling all Reno fans

    Post By Lady Nia on 26-Sep-2008
    I heard from him today. He picks up his new comp Friday and while he may not be around on Friday itself, he is eager to see his friends here at Fate's again.
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    Reno Starhopper

    Post By Lady Nia on 22-Sep-2008
    For those of you who are fans of Reno, no, he hasn't quit the site. His computer gave up the chips and went to the great matrix in the sky. He's working on a replacement.
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    Displaced by Ike? Need answers to questions?

    Post By Lady Nia on 19-Sep-2008
    The Houston Chronicle is providing as much assistance and information as possible to its readers. Have questions? They are asking people not to try to return by I-45 as the traffic jam is blocking rescue workers, supplies and FEMA.
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    Welcome to our new friends! Arcade is updated!

    Post By Lady Nia on 04-Sep-2008
    Join me in welcoming our newest members; Nighthawk, Wolfoh, Babyjane, Rian, BellaDella, RCGanadin, MoMo, Aspen, BrianRoth, Anaeril, and Kalalda!!!! We hope you folks enjoy your stay journey in the labyrinth! My apologies if you haven't been catching me lately. This has been one of my busiest weeks of the year both at work and at home. I should be back to normal pretty soon. For you folks interested in stats, our character count is sitting at 3,285 right now. A reminder if you don't log in within a reasonable length of time the system will auto drop you. Please remember to read the splash pages and/or homepages to get a better feel for a room. Please remember to go to the validate link and validate your age. If the webpage isn't working, just send your Login Handle, your date of birth and your statement to agreement to the terms of service to fatesvalidate@gmail.com . Nia and Xanax (Sky and Dave) can be reached by emailing fateslabyrinth@gmail.com. Nia can usually be reached via MSN at nuianna@hotmail.com The arcade page has been updated with the latest Marvel vs DC, a video of Han Solo on trial, and new jokes and quotes. I'm not planning to run a formal Kylock game tonight because the pressures of work and home have been too great to set up a game, but feel free to play on without me. Reno Starhopper is a moderator for the room, and I bet he can handle the story line while I am out if he plays tonight. HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE! Nia Welcome New Players!
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