Fate's Labyrinth
Offering free chat rooms and forums for all your needs.

The original owners of the WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS) RPG chat room, Nia's Tavern, have reunited to form Fate's Labyrinth.

To allow chatters and room owners to explore their own dreams and exercise their own creativity.

We hope to offer rooms for recipe exchange, chatting about books and authors, fan clubs, role play, sports discussions, political debate, and almost anything else your imagination can come up with.

The History

WBS:WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS) was a virtual community of 200 chat rooms, which included the RPG room called Nia's Tavern .

In June of 1997 WBS had over 1.5 million registered users and 7 million daily page views, and Nia's Tavern receiving more hits per day and hour than any other room on the site. Making Nia's one of the most popular chat rooms of the 90's.

The main "characters" of Nia's were "Nia" and "Alex", were the copyrighted property of two moderators, (Sharon, aka Sky, and David, aka Dave). Prior to the sell of WBS to Infoseek, the owners of WBS approached Sky and presented her with the art and copyright to the art created by WBS artists for the tavern's main doorway, along with the right to use the name "Nia's Tavern."

Over the years there have been many copycats and knockoffs, but there is only one real Nia and one real Dave, and these are the people who have created Fate's Labyrinth.


Like WBS - Fate's Labyrinth offers:

  • Free registration to users.
  • A large variety of chat rooms, including RPG Rooms.
  • Private messaging
  • Icon/image posting with each post

Improvements Fate's Labyrinth has made include:

  • Forums
  • Individualized entryways created by room owners.
  • Public, Private or Member-Only Rooms.
  • Drop-down menu selection of characters to allow RPG players ease of access to characters that will enhance their game play.